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Tomahawks Wall Ball Warrior Program

Stick Skills are incredibly important for the Young Lacrosse Player.  This year, players with the Tomahawks Lacrosse Club will commit to a season long competition to see how much you can improve your stick skills.  You will learn to know and love the 'Wall Ball Warrior Workouts'

Tomahawks Lacrosse


Individual Work Out

A WALL WARRIOR is a Tomahawks Lacrosse player who is dedicated to improving his/her stick work through individual workouts outside of regular practice and games.  These workouts can be completed by playing catch with a parent or friend, or in front of a wall or bounce back.

Workouts are done on a player’s own time so practices can be devoted to team play.  A WALL WARRIOR is able to play equally well both LEFTY and RIGHTY.

This season is your chance to become a Tomahawks WALL BALL WARRIOR and earn helmet decals, and special spiritwear prizes for completing individual workouts achieving certain levels of performance.  Players with the most WALL WARRIOR decals earned for completing the individual workout will rule the field and be recognized with a special award at the end of the season.

EVERY MONTH, we will measure EVERY Tomahawks players ability to complete as many throws as possible with each hand (right and left) in one minute.  We will PUBLISH publicly the best players results on each team on this web site. This should serve as motivation for every player to work as hard as possible at Wall Ball.   No one should be surprised that stick skills have a direct impact on playing time at every level in the game.  You, and ONLY you, have complete control over that.  

FOR THE FIRST PRACTICE,  ALL U12 and U14 PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO BRING A COMPLETED SELF TEST FORM indicating their base line wall ball performance.  Hand it to your coach at the beginning of practice.  


At the end of season, the following players will receive a special award.  1) Most Wall Ball Workouts, 2) Highest Wall Ball Score, and 3) Most Improved Wall Ball Score.  During the season, as you pass important milestones, you will be given helmet decals which recognize your wall ball skills.  Once you hit 20 hits in a minute with either hand, you will be given a '20' helmet decal which you can proudly display.  The decals go all the way up to 70!  

You ARE NEVER too old, too young or too good for Wall Ball.  

Every Tomahawks player should be able to accomplish the following on the Wall Ball Warrior test by the end of the season:

U10- 20/20

U12 - 35/35

U14 - 50/50 of higher

The following WALL WARRIOR workout should take no more than 30 minutes:

  1. 50 Righty throws, Righty catches, aim for the box area or target on a wall from ~ 15 ft away
  2. 50 Lefty throws, Lefty catches, aim for the box area or target on a wall from ~ 15 ft away
  3. 50 Quick Sticks – 25 each side, Righty and Lefty
  4. 25 Catch Righty, Split Left and Throw Left (from ~ 15 ft away)
  5. 25 Catch Lefty, Split Right and Throw Right (from ~ 15 ft away)
  6. 50 fake Left, throw Left; fake Right, throw Right (25 each side)

Total Repetitions = 250


We say it over and over and over – stick skills are improved by players working on their own.

I would highly recommend you practice a minimum of 5x/week for 30 minutes against the wall. I PROMISE RESULTS IF YOUR CHILD PUTS IN THE TIME.

Check out the video's to the left to see how it is done!

You will see exponential improvement in your child's game if he/she is determined and is dedicated to wall ball.  If he/she only does it 1x/week, and never seems to get around to it, he will not improve over the course of a season.