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2019 Tomahawks Spring Registration

Welcome!  You are about to register for Tomahawks Lacrosse.

Before you click this registration link

please have a look at the information below.

Registrations are open for
Girls 14U
Girls 12U
Boys 14U
Boys 12U
Boys 10U

Girls 10U Registrations Are Closed.
Girls 8U Registrations Are Closed.
Boys 8U Registrations Are Closed.

At Tomahawks, as long as we have spots on the teams, all players of all abilities are welcome to play lacrosse with us.

Within each age division
there will continue to be A, Experienced B and Rookie B level teams.
A level teams are competitive and participate in the
NCJLA Northern California Playoffs at the end of the Season.

For each division, you must be under the maximum age prior to 8/31/2018 (i.e. for 14U, your 14th birthday must be after 8/31/2018).

14U -- Turn 14 Later Than 8/31/2018
12U -- Turn 12 Later Than 8/31/2018
10U -- Turn 10 Later Than 8/31/2018
8U -- Turn 8 later than 8/31/2018
8th graders older than the age limit may petition the league to play.
We will help you with the petition process, it is simple and straightforward.
Age-eligible 9th graders are allowed to play 14U without petition, however,
Tomahawks encourages all 9th graders to play in a High School program.
Only in rare special cases may 9th graders play 14U.

Because so many local High Schools have added Boys and Girls Lacrosse as a school sport, we will no longer sponsor a Spring Season High School Club team.  We will however continue to sponsor year round programs such as
Fall Ball and Travel Tournaments for High School Boys and Girls.

Pretty sure you already registered?   Check here at the

2019 Tomahawks Spring Season Registration Lookup

To look up the details of a completed 2019 Tomahawks Spring Season Registration registration please type in all details exactly as they appear on the final registration.

First Games