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Coach Certification Requirements And How To Fulfill Them

Requirements Overview

The NCJLA requires every coach and assistant coach to complete certifications specific to the age group they will coach.
Coaches wear “NCJLA Certified Coach” cards
while at the field for games.

All Coaches must complete:
1.     US Lacrosse Membership (3-5 minutes. Use this form. The Club will get your membership for you.)
2.     Background Check (3-5 minutes. USL membership will initiate your coach background check via email.)
3.     Sign the Coaches Code of Conduct (3-5 minutes. One time.)
4.     Concussion Certification (30-45 minutes. Annually.)

10U and 8U coaches may skip to item 7.
5.     Age Level NCJLA Rules Test (30-45 minutes, if coaching 14U or 12U.)

6.     US Lacrosse Coaches Education: Level 1 (2-3 hours, if coaching 14U or 12U.  USL Level 1 includes the PCA course in item 7.)

14U and 12U coaches complete item 7 as part of USL Level 1.  10U and 8U coaches must complete item 7.
7.     PCA online course or workshop (1 hour, included in USL Level 1 course)

The process is self-paced and can be done in pieces.  In total the courses take around 5 hours, or longer for in person workshops.

Further Information

Requirements are fully described in the NCJLA Operations Guide, excerpts are below.

1.     US Lacrosse Membership
Must be renewed every year. The Club will get or renew your USL Membership for you with the information you enter on the Tomahawks Coach Registration application.

2.     Cleared Background Check
Must be renewed annually.  When the club gets your US Lacrosse membership you will receive an email to initiate your background check through US Lacrosse and the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI).  Visit to initiate the background check.

2.     US Lacrosse Coaches Education: Developing Individual Athletes or Level 1
One Time Requirement.  8U coaches may attend the US Lacrosse Developing Individual Athletes Coaches Education Clinic offered annually at the NCJLA U8 Coaches Clinic and Play Day in addition to the sessions offered by the NorCal Chapter of USL.
Everyone else should complete the US Lacrosse Level 1 Online Course, focused on the game as a whole to provide a general knowledge base to coaches. This will require an active US Lacrosse Membership.

3.     PCA Online Course Or In-Person Workshop
One Time Requirement.  It's the “Double Goal Coach: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons.”  If you complete the USL Level 1 course in Item 2 above you will complete this (for free.)  If you are currently coaching High School you are exempt from the USL Level 1 requirement and should complete the PCA standalone course separately.  The Club will reimburse you.  You are also welcome and encouraged to complete the USL Level 1 course.

5.     Signed Coaches Code of Conduct
One Time Requirement.  Sign, scan or photograph, and send the signature page to the Tomahawks Club Manager.

6.     Age Level Rules Test
Must be renewed every year.  Choose the rules test for the age and gender you will coach.  All tests, NFHS or USL Youth (U8 through HS) can be accessed through the US Lacrosse member portal.  Click here for instructions on how to find and take the tests.

Please note that the NCJLA makes modifications to the NFHS and USL rules annually. The test answers are based on the official rules for USL and NFHS and may not match the rules used in NCJLA games.  Please refer to the Boys Girls Rules Sheets for the most up to date rules that will be used in games.

7.     Concussion Certification
Must be renewed every year.  Successfully complete the online concussion and head injury education offered by the Center of Disease Control.

Forward certificates of completion to the Club Manager.

We reimburse for PCA and US Lacrosse Coaching certifications and we get your US Lacrosse membership for you.  The background check takes a few weeks, and doing the courses will take 3-5 hours.  PCA and the Level 1 take the longest but are one time requirements.

NCJLA Certified Coach Program

Visit the NCJLA Site to read all the specifics in the NCJLA Operations Guide.

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